Thursday, June 21, 2018

Summer Solstice Blessings to All xxx

 "The darkness returning, time to take stock of the abundance currently being enjoyed. Looking towards the darker half of the year, what needs to be savoured and worked on whilst the light still holds out." 
"Last chance to pick elderflower blooms for fritters, champagne or cordial"
From my journal last year.

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Just A Card - You #justacard

Just a card? Find out more here. Very basically, this is what it is all about...

Today is all about 'you' aka 'my story'. Well, I have always loved being outside drawing, doodling, creating and making.  My earliest memory is walking through the woods with a list of items to find and tick off: feather, leaf, crow, squirrel and so on.  Over the years my love for nature became the influences behind what I draw and paint, then the addiction I have to sharing photos on Instagram and some pieces I turn into cards.  You can find my current stock of cards by clicking here. At the moment I have limited stock as I have sold out and am about to tweak a few ideas that I have, so get these remaining cards whilst you can!
For me, when someone purchases a card or asks if I can turn one of my photos or artworks into a card for them, it means that I have captured in them the feeling I had when I took the photo or created the piece of work.  They can see a part of what I have, that inspiration and meaning. Best of all, it means they like what I have produced -and who does not like that feeling! A bit like a big tick or A+++ saying yes, what you are doing is good. It also means a bit of money too, so more supplies to create even more pieces of art and get more cards printed.