Monday, October 12, 2015

Mandala drawerer (is that a word???) xxx

Today's creation was made using I thought I would see what was online about mandala's and found the above site.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Housey mandala xxx

Foraged ideas ... xxx

I opened up my emails earlier and had a lovely message following up my earlier post.
I was asked, how do I spot things that then turn into pendants or artwork then?
Fab question, thank you!

Well...hmmm how do I explain that?
Then, out on a walk with my children - lightbulb moment and a working example!!!
It can be as simple as spotting the patterns today.  This gorgeous snail was in amidst the teasels and as I took the photo and looked up I could see the skeleton of the conker trees above me.

The spiral tree design is something I have done for a while, but had a break.  Looking back on other sites I sell from, the last one was September 2014.

So back home and after a cuppa,  I created this piece inspired by the pattern on the snail shell.

The full listing can be found by clicking here 

I wonder what I will spot tomorrow?


Thought it was time to blog... #samhain is coming time fo change xxx

The crows they are calling,
Like markers, reminders?
A constant, no a changing
Out of nowhere I find. 

From young to present,
No doubt a time beyond.
Like guardians and watchers
A prod to carry on.

So I listen, Finally. At last maybe?

To the crow man he is whispering
Finally a new chapter opens. 

(C) The Mistletoeoak 2015 

'The Preacher in the Wheatfield' by Jamie Sheehy. 
You can visit Jamie's website over at 
Give Jamie's Facebook a like too click here

About a week ago I had the pleasure of going along to Jamie's art exhibition, and immediately I fell in love with the above image. Needless to say, I am now sitting here looking at a limited edition of it in front of me.  It makes me stupidly happy, and I am still grinning now as I look at it. 

It made me stop. It still does.  It calls out to the path I follow and what I do, what I have grown up with and encounter everyday still. 

Who recalls the crowman in Worzel Gummidge? 
Who recalls the rooks and crows nesting up in trees making a right old noise, maybe signalling bad weather or worse? 

The image is titled 'The Wheat Field Preacher'. And for me, the idea of nature, outdoors, convention, not convention, something of familiar surroundings but not conforming, shouts a resounding yes!

And so maybe it is now time to get back to creating and doing just that.
The work that calls to me. Nature, outside, the small details, the markers in the seasons unfolding and turning.
My love of black and white pen and ink work.
Transforming the many foraged treasures into a new purpose.
Opening the journals full of works I never ventured to share.
My path is winding back to where it should be.
It will be a long journey.

But the crows they are calling you know, and I am finally listening ....

Monday, October 5, 2015

Pebble Mandala xxx

All of these have been collected over the years from the local beaches here in Kent xxx