Monday, November 16, 2015

#embodiedterrain Day 1 photo prompt rock, #luminousyouare xxx

I am taking part in the daily photo prompt hosted by #embodiedterrain 
Everyday a word will be given and in response those taking part share an image  relating to that word over on Facebook or on Instagram

Today the word is:


For me the word immediately makes me connect with my local beach at Kingsdown, so I whizzed here this morning in the rain and wind to get this picture. 

This connection to nature for me is grounding, watching the sea from the rocks and pebble beach is hypnotic.  A fabulous way to escape and balance with nature. 

PS a little extra, over on my Instagram you can see a video

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Leonie Dawson Shining Biz & Life Academy xxx

The new 2016 Leonie Dawson Shining Biz & Life Academy Planners are out!!! Click HERE to order and find out more before they sell out! 

Why am I telling you this? Simple.  They work! They give you ideas, tips and tonnes of resources to use.
The materials are a joy to read and use, I have used them for the last 3 years. 
The ideas work. 

Here is a sneak peak of just the diary!!! I have the bundle on the way that has the planners, the diary, the to do list and wall planner!!!

You can also get just digital copies of the planners if you prefer, they work out around £7 that's not even the cost of a coffee and a panini.  The contents of the planner could potentially help you plan, create and grow your life and or biz, doubling your current income! Coffee and paninis all round I say ;) 

So they are the planners which have been released, do you know about the academy. There is also a payment plan now too so joining could not be simpler! By the way, if you join the academy below is an idea of what you get - it is all included once you join! Also as new courses are released, or new videos, meditations, coloring books, videos the list goes on, you get those too. 
Oodles of resources for well being, business, creating and being happy really. 

This is another blog post where someone is selling stuff... no as it is up to you what you do or do not buy. 
I am sharing this as it is a fab resource. If it was not, I would not keep going back! 

Why not check out the freebies Leonie offers if you want to dip your to into the water first - click here

So why Leonie Dawson? Ha, just watch her in action and I challenge you not to smile or come away with an idea to try or be agreeing with something she has said. Leonie is a larger than life character that you cannot help but smile when you listen or watch her.  Energy, inspiring and to the point. Have a look over on her site here and watch any of her videos and you will see! Or carry on to see her in action below!

Yeah but I don't really have time for all this? I have family, work, to do list you know all that...
Just take a look! Something for everyone, bite size chunks and Leonie is a busy mama herself. 
For me this is what rings true. Leonie includes her family, which for me resonates as the two are not mutually exclusive.  Watch below - I love this, it is real and how life is! How many of us know this truth, creating or just being, then the kids scramble over :) 

So there ya go, I hope this inspires and leads to fabulous things.  Let me know how you get on and if you join, come and say hello :) 


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wordy Wednesday xxx

Welcome to the second #wordywednesday, yes I remembered! Been one o those weeks!

A candle is lit and the festive smells of orange and clove are gently warming the space. 
What could you do today to make 5 minutes just for yourself? How about go and get a cuppa whilst you have a read of my post.  You have full permission to have time just for you!

So what has been happening? Well, this week it has all been  about creative business. If you follow me over on Facebook you would have seen a freebie... there are lots more on the way, I am hoping to do a new freebie every week.  Yes every week! You don't follow me over on there? No problem, quick go and have a look and click like and come back...Link to my page You already like my page, brilliant you are a star thank you!!! I also have the newsletter setup I plan to send them out around 8 times a year, alongside festivals, so no inbox overload!

Also, the shop is up and running on my blog, see link above or click here. I am still deciding whether or not to keep Folksy  and Etsy as after listing costs,  fees and commissions taken it can add up quiet pricey. If you use these platforms or know of something better, please comment below as I would love to hear about other peoples experiences selling online. My greetings cards are due to be delivered on Friday, yes Friday the 13th... once they appear they will be put in the shop.  2 designs are festive,  perfect for Yule or Christmas.

Next up I rejoined Leonie Dawson's Shining Academy.  More on that in another post coming soon!
So why Leonie? What I really like  is the no 'bs' approach, she tells you as it is, no faffing around.  Just yesterday a post pinged up and woah, did it resonate, I literally stopped in my tracks.

What does light up my cells? Certainly not what I was doing at the time, in fact it was the stomach fall feeling hence it made me stop in my tracks.  Why was I doing that? I could have been doing what I love, making and creating, now that does make my cells zing. 
What makes your cells light up? What is your truth? Are you listening to it or just treading water?

Ok enough of the deep heavy heavy stuff.
The trees are finally turning here properly.  The beech tree is starting to look like a skeleton with the gorgeous copper orange leaves over the floor.  It is also turning a bit colder, so look out for the beautiful red leaves here in the Northern hemisphere.  

I am now off to carry on creating using some hazel I gathered a few days ago.  Hopefully some festive decorations to share, and I feel a competition coming on :)

Thank you for taking the time to read this weeks #wordywednesday


PS... Friday is Children in Need day,you can dontate here 
If you are a parent in the UK, no doubt this a quick reminder that you need to dress the kids up and send in a £1 with them!!! We have Back to the Future and a Sleeping Beauty theme to sort out! 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

New for sale: Autumn Winter pendant earrings with pyrograph spiral detail xxx


Approx. 3.5 cm drop earrings comprising of antique colour tibetan alloy fixings, ceramic beads and ash wood cube beads that have been hand pyrographed (burnt) with spiral design. 
Comes in custom The Mistletoeoak packaging: illustrated mount board and organza green bag... plus a few extra treasures!


With the autumnal weather there are many berries, hips and haws in the hedgerows. They look like natures natural beads to me; sparkly, reflective, red, oranges, creams and mottled patterns adorning the pathways I walk along daily with my dog. I noticed that often these autumnal fruits are highlighted by the stark light stems of the elderflower bushes, now with no leaves or fruit just a natural structure all too often holding up the dropping fruits. I liked the way these colours and shapes contrased with each other, and so the earrings were born!
Using some ash wooden beads that I already owned, I sanded these back and using pyrograph (burning onto wood) I added my usual spiral design that I like to add to all my work. For this piece the spiral signifies the spiral of the year, the trees and the fruits, ready to rest until Spring or the next stage o going through it all again. Why use ash? The ash tree being significant as at this time of year they too carpet the pathways with their brown and yellow leaves.
The beads I have chosen are subtle reds, browns and creams, almost marble like. These are flitting as not only do they remind me of the fruit in the hedgerow that are now blending into their surroundings rather than being garish and standing out for all the wildlife to find, they also look like the autumnal sky. As I sit here typing it is blowing a hoolie outside, leaves flying about and the clouds and flitting across reddy grey sky - just like the beads.
A piece of autumn winter nature in a wearable form that will last.
Thank you for taking to time to read about my new creation... next week my new greetings cards arrive so look out or my Yule cards!!! Limited print run so be quick!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wordy Wednesday! xxx #wordywednesday

Now usually, okay sometimes, I post an image on a Wednesday as part of the #wordlesswednesday tag. However, I am attempting to start, finally, writing posts and thought a good start would be 'wordy Wednesday' or #wordywednesday.

So where to start? Trees obviously! Back from Yorkshire, and my first escape from Kent ever, I am noticing more so that ever the sheer amount of trees here in Kent.

I love trees - hence the name mistletoe - oak and my obsession with tree images, photos, painting and drawing them and even my logo.

With autumn and returning to the woods here, the vast array of colours at this time of the year are truly stunning. A complete spectrum can be found.

Today it seems to be the beech tree that kept wanting to be noticed.
I was out walking my batty spaniel and I noticed how the very top of the old beeches here are still quite green. Yet lower to the ground deep oranges, coppers, browns and almost speckled hues of handpainted ochre crusted jewels form on these leaves. If you look closely tiny little mushrooms and fungi can be spotted, but be warned if near a chestnut tree - mind you do not prickle your fingers on a rogue spiky case hiding under the carpet of copper unturned leaves!

Moving on from the beech, to the ash tree.  A wordy recommendation to read, I last night discovered 'The Man who made things out of trees' by Rob Penn. Some may remember Rob's BBC Four programme Tales from the Wildwood Sadly the episodes in full are no longer available but you can see some clips by clicking here 
I am two chapters into his new book and cannot wait until bedtime to carry on reading some more!!!

"Robert Penn cut down an ash tree to see how many things could be made from it. After all, ash is the tree we have made the greatest and most varied use of over the course of human history. Journeying from Wales across Europe and Ireland to the USA, Robert finds that the ancient skills and knowledge of the properties of ash, developed over millennia making wheels and arrows, furniture and baseball bats, are far from dead. The book chronicles how the urge to understand and appreciate trees still runs through us all like grain through wood."

Finally, a sort of wordy wishlist, the Ben Law Woodland Craft - on my to save up for list of reads.

Oh and finally finally, sorry the 'c' word is coming up, look away now if you are not festive! 
My neighbour has planted the cutest tiny Christmas tree in their front garden, I need one!!!
 According to my calculations, including today - 7 Wednesday's left before Yule! 
Know you needed to know that ;)

I hope you have enjoyed my #wordywednesday this week.

Trees, woods, words. 

Content :)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Home again xxx

Back from Yorkshire.  My landrover yesterday made it to the top of the Peak District 1800m above sea level on the way back home :)
Lots of creative ideas and inspirations, along with new artists to share from my travels
You can see all the pictures by clicking here to visit my Instagram