Thursday, November 12, 2015

Leonie Dawson Shining Biz & Life Academy xxx

The new 2016 Leonie Dawson Shining Biz & Life Academy Planners are out!!! Click HERE to order and find out more before they sell out! 

Why am I telling you this? Simple.  They work! They give you ideas, tips and tonnes of resources to use.
The materials are a joy to read and use, I have used them for the last 3 years. 
The ideas work. 

Here is a sneak peak of just the diary!!! I have the bundle on the way that has the planners, the diary, the to do list and wall planner!!!

You can also get just digital copies of the planners if you prefer, they work out around £7 that's not even the cost of a coffee and a panini.  The contents of the planner could potentially help you plan, create and grow your life and or biz, doubling your current income! Coffee and paninis all round I say ;) 

So they are the planners which have been released, do you know about the academy. There is also a payment plan now too so joining could not be simpler! By the way, if you join the academy below is an idea of what you get - it is all included once you join! Also as new courses are released, or new videos, meditations, coloring books, videos the list goes on, you get those too. 
Oodles of resources for well being, business, creating and being happy really. 

This is another blog post where someone is selling stuff... no as it is up to you what you do or do not buy. 
I am sharing this as it is a fab resource. If it was not, I would not keep going back! 

Why not check out the freebies Leonie offers if you want to dip your to into the water first - click here

So why Leonie Dawson? Ha, just watch her in action and I challenge you not to smile or come away with an idea to try or be agreeing with something she has said. Leonie is a larger than life character that you cannot help but smile when you listen or watch her.  Energy, inspiring and to the point. Have a look over on her site here and watch any of her videos and you will see! Or carry on to see her in action below!

Yeah but I don't really have time for all this? I have family, work, to do list you know all that...
Just take a look! Something for everyone, bite size chunks and Leonie is a busy mama herself. 
For me this is what rings true. Leonie includes her family, which for me resonates as the two are not mutually exclusive.  Watch below - I love this, it is real and how life is! How many of us know this truth, creating or just being, then the kids scramble over :) 

So there ya go, I hope this inspires and leads to fabulous things.  Let me know how you get on and if you join, come and say hello :)