Saturday, November 7, 2015

New for sale: Autumn Winter pendant earrings with pyrograph spiral detail xxx


Approx. 3.5 cm drop earrings comprising of antique colour tibetan alloy fixings, ceramic beads and ash wood cube beads that have been hand pyrographed (burnt) with spiral design. 
Comes in custom The Mistletoeoak packaging: illustrated mount board and organza green bag... plus a few extra treasures!


With the autumnal weather there are many berries, hips and haws in the hedgerows. They look like natures natural beads to me; sparkly, reflective, red, oranges, creams and mottled patterns adorning the pathways I walk along daily with my dog. I noticed that often these autumnal fruits are highlighted by the stark light stems of the elderflower bushes, now with no leaves or fruit just a natural structure all too often holding up the dropping fruits. I liked the way these colours and shapes contrased with each other, and so the earrings were born!
Using some ash wooden beads that I already owned, I sanded these back and using pyrograph (burning onto wood) I added my usual spiral design that I like to add to all my work. For this piece the spiral signifies the spiral of the year, the trees and the fruits, ready to rest until Spring or the next stage o going through it all again. Why use ash? The ash tree being significant as at this time of year they too carpet the pathways with their brown and yellow leaves.
The beads I have chosen are subtle reds, browns and creams, almost marble like. These are flitting as not only do they remind me of the fruit in the hedgerow that are now blending into their surroundings rather than being garish and standing out for all the wildlife to find, they also look like the autumnal sky. As I sit here typing it is blowing a hoolie outside, leaves flying about and the clouds and flitting across reddy grey sky - just like the beads.
A piece of autumn winter nature in a wearable form that will last.
Thank you for taking to time to read about my new creation... next week my new greetings cards arrive so look out or my Yule cards!!! Limited print run so be quick!!!