Sunday, January 31, 2016

Imbolc xxx

#silentsunday xxx

Imbolc 2016 tomorrow xxx

Imbolc seems to have crept up on me this year. Suddenly realizing February tomorrow  caused somewhat confusion! It feels like it was only Yule last week. As I sit here typing the wind is howling outside, almost autumnal not spring-like.  And whilst Imbolc heralds the first of 3 spring festivals, I think spring arrived a while ago! Autumn, Spring, not quite winter, it is all jumbled up this year! Snowdrops have been here a while and almost over, primroses are fading, the woodpecker is hard at work, and I have seen lambs already too.

Anyway, Imbolc? that is that all about then? Basically it is when life is returning to the earth now that the sun is getting stronger.  The green shoots are appearing, life is visibly happening around us. Now is also a good time to have a good declutter and clear out ready for the busier times ahead - hence the term spring cleaning. Don't forget, this is not just a physical clear out, but mental too. What no longer is useful or holding you back? What would you like to let go of, of invite into your life to grow or create in the brighter months ahead?  Want to know more than my brief words, an excellent resource for more in depth  details about Imbolc is over at Goddess and Greenman - Imbolc / Candlemas  Check out their shop too whilst you are there! You can also visit OBOD - Imbolc and read an interesting Celebrating Imbolc - Glennie Kindred Article too.

Last Year on the blog...

Before I disappear to plan Imbolc tomorrow, a few things you could do...  Maybe plant some seeds, there are some lovely £1 pots with basil and other herbs available from pound shops.  How about take a moment to just look out of the window, notice what is out there, what birds can you see? As part of the big birdwatch I noticed we seem to have a very brave wren whom takes on my chickens for food! 
Have a look over on My Imbolc board over on Pinterest  aswell, there are some lovely recipes and craft ideas people have shared. 

Bright blessings for tomorrow


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bluebells are up and a woodpecker??? xxx

So far we have escaped any snow... so far... Instead it feels more like Spring! The first woodpecker has been heard here in our corner, at first I thought I was hearing things!   
The bluebells are also up, their green leaves staccato-ing the woodland floor as the sunlight flood in through the budding canopy. The primroses in other parts of the wood are almost finished? Likewise daffodils, hellebores and crocus are out. 
So I wonder... once we reach Imbolc and head towards the usual Springtide,what will be flowering in place of the usual suspects?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tara Leaver Giveaway!!! Xxx

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Friday, January 15, 2016

January Freebie xxx

A quick freebie to say thank you to all my new followers on here, in my shop and my various social media channels.  You can use this on your desktop, pin it on Pinterest, print it out  etc. 
Just right click the image and save, or if you prefer click here to download the file.
Share below or on social media using #themistletoeoak and a freebie will be posted out to the best one! Happy to post worldwide so open to all!

Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 it's all about the trees... xxx

For anyone who knows me, or follows me over on Instagram (if not click here) I have a thing about trees.
I have since I was little. I would be out walking daily in the woods, collecting firewood, playing with sticks, building dens, collecting leaves. My mum was recently going through some old stuff and found pictures I had been drawing over 30 years ago, and yep, trees are there!

My online business over on Etsy and my various social media accounts, this blog, are inspired by my love of trees. My online name, mistletoeoak. The oak part coming from a solitary oak in a field in my village.  I recall sitting in my Nan's belfast sink being washed, looking out across the field in all seasons and seeing it there.  35 years later, it is still there, and I walk there most days. Find me on Instagram above and you will see my almost daily picture of the tree all year round!

So why am I telling you this?

Well, it dawned on me whilst working on my business plan, durhhh, lets get this straight and out there in the open finally! At no point have I really come out of the closet and said, look this is what really inspires me, this is what I daily love to do, this IS what I do and guess what, I have journals full of artworks and ideas that are just waiting to escape the pages! Mistletoeoak is all about the trees.  If I go a day without walking outside near trees, I go cranky.

Did I mention, Mistleoeoak means trees?

Through my path as a Druid and hedgewytch I also work with the  power of the moon cycles and the tree energies, resulting in creations and ideas that I now finally feel ready to share.

So, instead of playing it safe; generic terms of artist, a few handmade items hid amidst other items in my shop, 2016 I will be transforming  my safe cosy comfort zone into creating and sharing what I really have a passion for.  Trees. I am an artist inspired by trees.

I will be blogging, doodling, creating meditations, tree bundles, unique needle felted tree fairies/goddesses,  downloads, activities and possibly an e-course...

I will also be sharing my work with the TCV as a tree surveyor and getting back to sharing things I make and do with my children.

SO 2016, it's all about the trees.


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Belated happy new year! xxx

I know it is late but Happy New Year! With accounts being hacked, deleted and the usual bugs once kids back to school, well, lets restart, it's not too late! 

My word for the year was 'simplify' so back to basics, with various new opportunities presenting them self. Always expect the unexpected, and sure enough, all change! 

Nature seems to have skipped a few months, unexpected are the daffodils, buds, lowers and more.
Whilst most parts are flooded with the temperature if definitely dipping here today, the sun is slowly rising and coming back. As you can see above, it is reaching the woodland floor warning the sodden ground. 
I expect I my have put my foot in it with snow arriving next week... so watch this space!
Bright Blessings to all