Thursday, August 25, 2016

#TheMajickReturns #matlockthehare xxxx

I pid padded over to the most crumlush magical mistletoeoak tree.

Everlah the luna moth was peffa impressed and sensed the hares nearby in the evening light... #TheMajickReturns

You can find out more about Matlock the Hare by clicking Here

Monday, August 1, 2016

Lammas Blessings to all xxxx

Lammas? Sometimes called loaf-mass or lughnasadh. Basically it is the first harvest, from this point things will slow down and the suns energy is on the wane.  A time to reap the rewards of your efforts, or assess what you would like to harvest in the future.

All energy has gone into the fruits and grains that are now being picked and we look towards the autumn and winter to come.  Notice in the hedgerows the hazelnuts that are getting ready to ripen, the small sloes appearing, the green blackberrys and apples too. And, rowan berries! I picked these today on Lammas day.  I use these to make amulets as the rowan was believed to protect. I thread them onto a piece of wire and twists the ends together to make a circle.  I usually hang one in my landrover - last years is very well dried!

 Then of course there is the rapeseed that the combines are frantically harvesting.  The first rains are here as I type and I can hear the tractor and trailer keep rumbling down to the farm in what appears to be double speed! Then there is the corn, barley, beans and flax to bring in.

Obviously this is a very simple overview but you get the idea!
Here are a few links for more detailed look at Lammas:
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I also like to make a loaf.  More recently I have used The Hedgewitch Cooks recipe and back in 2013 they were kind enough to add my photo of my loaf on top of the rayburn.

Want the recipe? Even better, why not grab a cuppa and watch Mandy make it :) 

 A very very brief Lammas overview but I hope it gives yo a flavour of what 'Lammas' is.  I know a few people have commented, what?! Eh? What does that mean!
Bright blessings to all
L x