Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Snowberry Earrings xxxx

From a very young age, when out on a walk in autumn, my Nan or Mum, would grab a handful of white berries from the hedge and throw them down in front of me.  I would then jump on the berries, squashing ans squelching them with my wellies to the delight that at times some would give out a 'pop' sound.  

So, for me, the appearance of these white bobbles in the hedgerow mean yep, autumn is here. As I sit here now I have the new Kate Rusby album playing and my trusty M&S jumper on as there IS a nip in the air. The season has shifted.  Ok quick confession, I did not know they were called snowberrys until now.  We just called them the snowballs! It is related to honeysuckle and is fab at covering a space against a fence too. I wonder if we will get snow this year? Hmm ...  But as always, I digress...

Anyway, over 30 years later, the hedge that my Nan would pick the berries from in our village is still here. Sitting next to the war memorial it heralds it IS that time of year to don your wellies, waddle through the muddy track by the horses and have a nostril full of mossy chalky air to awaken you to the jumpers needed season ahead. 

Looking in my treasure trove of beads the green and white combination immediately leapt out at me.  I had just come back from a walk and seen said hedgerow! The white ceramic beads perfect for the snowberrys as they have a yellow almost marbled appearance when close up.  The snowberry has this too later on in the season.  The green beads made me think of the autmnal light.  As the light passes through the bead it sparkles, almost as if it is alive. I also added some of my hand burnt wooden cubes to the design, my favourite starburst pattern complimenting the sparkle of the green bead. 

And that is the story behind my latest The Mistletoeoak make.  
Inspired by the nature around me and happy memories.