Thursday, September 28, 2017

Instagram or Etsy???

I would love to hear what other sellers use, and why? I am often asking this and no-one really has an opinion, so please comment below or over on my Instagram! Or, is there another platform out there that is better as when it comes to selling your creations online there are a myriad of options. For many years I have used Etsy and Folksy mainly because I only know of them.
But which is best? Many buyers do not realise that before any sale  or costs in creating an item, listing costs, commissions and paypal fees are charged to the seller.   You then have the issue of your item even being found amidst the 1000s of other items on sale. You have to do your own marketing essentially.  And to be fair, how many times can you share a listing on social media before it becomes boring for hte reader and they just clickaway or unfollow? Also, do you pay to list an item on 2 sites and hope it is not purchased at the same time on both site, or do you just make 2 in case? So many considerations and that is before anyone hopefully buys from you!!!
So, thoughts and feedback on which platform is best please!