Sunday, May 27, 2018

GDPR... got to be done, so here it is!

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I expect many of you have received numerous emails over the last week or so relating to GDPR… by law I need to just update you on my position with this so here it is.   

Grab a cuppa… make yourself comfy …

Firstly, I do not store any information so there is nothing to share or pass on! You will not have had an email from me as I do not have contact details or an email list that I send things out from.  I used to use Mailchimp but realised social media was a better method of reaching people and removed subscribers and closed that account a few years ago.  Hands up, how many times do you get an email in your inbox, click delete before even opening it or vow to read it later, but never do…  this may change in time, but for me at this time I have no need for newsletters, lists of contact details etc.  So in that respect I am compliant!

Secondly, if you have ever purchased an item or service from me, I use third party platforms such as Folksy or Etsy.  Please visit these sites to view their compliancy statements.

Thirdly, if you have ever emailed me or messaged me, I am a bit OCD and change my passwords every 2 weeks. It is in my diary.  Yes that is sad! But, it means my emails, social media accounts etc are as safe as I can possibly make them from my end.  Please note you can always login to your social media accounts to update your preferences to following me at anytime.  Also, I do not sell my followers list or pass them on. 

Finally, if you have any questions or issues, you can click 'contact me' on the button above. As you have just read, your details will be safe, not passed on, added to a list or used in doing so other than replying back to you!